Setting Up a Business Phone System

Don’t wait for your landline to be set up by the phone company. You can set up a business Phone system in a matter of minutes. That you only need an internet connection is the finest part.

A dependable and easy-to-use internet phone service such as Nextiva provides more than 35 features for business phones. The setup and installation of a fully functional VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone system involve the following processes.

1.   Log into Your Administrator Dashboard

The first thing you ought to do when joining a new service provider is for you to go into your administrator dashboard. Have a good understanding of the features of your phone system that are at your disposal. Make a list of possible questions to put to your point of contact.

You can manage your business lines and create your team through this platform. As a result, you need to decide who you want to serve as the phone service’s backup or a principal administrator.

2.   Define Hours for Business

It could take some time initially to design and implement a timetable for your vacations and business hours.

It’s clear that the job isn’t the most pleasant. However, these schedules are followed by automatic features like auto attendants and call forwarding. Create them early to save a ton of time and work later.

You won’t have to be concerned about managing phone lines during lunchtime or vacations. Have the appropriate call routing and message at the appropriate time without ever pressing a button.

3.   Configure Voicemail and Team Extensions

You can set an extension for every feature and everyone with your Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) system. This could be perplexing. A structured system for extensions might be beneficial in this situation.

The placement of the initial digit can be defined. The warehouse has 3000s, Satellite Office has the 2000s, and HQ has 1,000s, etc.

If you have fewer than 200 people in each office, limit user extensions to 1–200. Make 300-call groups and automated attendants. Additionally, you can create 999 group page numbers for all offices and call centers.

4.   Create Call Flows

Business experts like say that it is critical to have a good understanding of how callers feel when they contact your business. Making the experience pleasant will result in repeat business and happier callers.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What would happen if a caller dials my primary toll-free number?
  • Do customers receive a message?
  • Is a live receptionist handling their call?
  • How can I reduce transfers of calls before a problem is fixed?
  • What could aid in making a sale in a single phone call?
  • How can I turn a call center experience into a lifelong client?

Create your call flow using a drag-and-drop interface on a canvas. Additionally, save your call flow so that you have a record.

5.   Enable Advanced Auto Attendants and Call Routing

Let’s now look at more sophisticated features, like hunt groups with numerous agents active at once.

Once an agent is available, calls can be held in call queues. Many callers can continue their conversation rather than terminate or leave a voicemail.

6.   Forward Calls to Local and Toll-Free Numbers

Contact your former supplier as soon as you’ve implemented your call flow. Request that they route any incoming calls to the temporary numbers provided by your new service provider from your business’s phone numbers.

Doing this allows you to utilize your new calling system before your phone numbers are transferred from your current carrier to your new one.

7.   Turn On Call Recording and Custom Greetings

Do you want to give your business calls more style? Here are some ideas:

  • Before your agents pick up the phone, purchase recorded audio tracks that are professional for your auto attendant.
  • Include customized greetings for your small business phone systems to appear more sophisticated and larger.
  • You can store call recordings for up to six months by enabling call recording. On request, longer durations are available.


That is for setting up a business phone system. With all these tips mentioned above, you can set up a professional business phone system.

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