Why Small Businesses Should Never Skip Web Optimization

According to the latest Small Business Digital Trends Report released by Web.com, a large majority of small businesses are not optimizing business websites with SEO tactics. Only 17 percent of small businesses surveyed were actually willing to spend money on SEO. A surprising 45 percent didn’t even know what SEO meant or how it could affect company sales performance. The majority, 85 percent, of small businesses encountered some type of issue when trying to implement SEO, such as financial restrictions.

These findings definitely come as a surprise, especially to experts like Corporate Business Solutions, CBS-CBS.com, which has a long-term affiliation with a major SEO implementer as part of a larger marketing strategy. Small businesses that pass over on SEO are losing out on many major fronts. For those who still don’t know, SEO stands for search engine optimization. The acronym stands for a series of techniques a website can use to improve its ranking on the search engines results page to a query.

SERP ranking matters a lot because an increasing number of surveys show web users do not usually scroll to the bottom of a results page or click to the second page of results. Most click on a link presented above the scroll line on the results page. Therefore, companies that get ranked at the top have a higher chance of attracting traffic, and thus a better chance at making sales.

SEO also affects how a small business website gets recognized overall. Keyword optimization is important so your company’s website appears among the results for particular search queries. The more optimized a website is, the easier it will be for a niche audience to find.

Despite popular belief, SEO tactics are neither expensive nor hard to implement. It’s possible to learn SEO by oneself and start a campaign. Small businesses can also invest in an experienced SEO professional at relatively reasonably prices to perfect the existing marketing strategy.

There are plenty of free online guides for implementing SEO techniques as well. Corporate Business Solutions can provide marketing guidance for companies that want to implement SEO professionally but on a budget.

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