Tips for Lead Generation

Corporate Business Solutions  helps business leaders create and implement new systems necessary for effective management, including accounting systems, productivity protocols, organization methods and information systems. We’ve also worked with small and medium- size businesses that have had to overhaul their lead generation system to better reflect modern times. Many companies, including construction, HVAC and masonry, count on lead generations to function in business. So this area can be especially critical for business longevity and growth.

You have probably noticed that the phone will not ring on its own. To be successful generating leads you need to be pro-active and put yourself out there. If you’re a business owner that needs to create more leads, we have general tips that may help you:

  • Call all former customers every 6 months.
  • Send an email newsletter to your entire customer base as well as personal contacts that haven’t yet used your services.
  • Send out a postcard or letter to the neighbors of any project you are working on.
  • Offer a referral program for anyone who sends you a customer.
  • Place signage on job sites that includes your business name, website and telephone number.
  • Create social media pages and actively use the sites.
  • Take progress pictures of your jobs and post on social media several times a week.
  • Join a networking group or a chamber of commerce. Typically these groups will link to your website and refer your services.
  • Ask your customers to write reviews about you online.
  • Ask for testimonials and be sure to have a testimonial page on your website.
  • Ask your customers and friends to like you on Facebook and subscribe to your blog.

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