Tips for Preventing Workplace Accidents

The consultants at Corporate Business Solutions thrive on helping small and medium – size businesses succeed.  We specialize in many areas of business, ensuring small business owners can grow their businesses.  Many business owners need a third party to help in preventing fatalities in the workplace. Here are three sources of potentially fatal accidents your employees could get into and how to prevent them:

•Workplace Violence — Non-employees perpetrate most instances of fatal workplace violence. The disgruntled gun-toting recent fire resides more in the newspaper headlines than in the category of statistically significant concerns. It’s important to examine where employees are exchanging or guarding money, interacting with the public and / or working alone or in small groups in the late or early hours of the day. You can also make sure the area around your workplace is well-lit, install security cameras, or consider scaling back your business hours if late or early operation comes to necessitate hefty security and insurance costs.

•Falls — The falls that result in fatalities tend to be in industries such as construction or landscaping. This is a case where training your employees in safety procedures and periodically evaluating their understanding and execution of those procedures is the most useful course of action. Additionally providing equipment precautions such as guardrails and rope and pulley supports when possible is also a good idea.

•Toxic Events — Gas and chemical leaks are the most common problems though asbestos continues to plague businesses moving into older facilities. It is now mandated that natural gas have some sort of odor but preventing ventilation problems and carbon monoxide leaks is the next frontier for OSHA.

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