Valentine’s Day in the Small Business Office

The consultants at Corporate Business Solutions help small and medium – size business owners access the information necessary to surpass growth goals.  This time of year, many business owners are looking ahead to Valentine’s Day. 

Although it’s not necessarily a huge office event, it is often nice for employees to have the opportunity to celebrate at work.  This year, many business owners are opting to tone down the red and pink heart banners and balloons and focus on simple, subtle decorations and worthy activities:

  1. Change for Charity: Set up a jar in the reception area with a sign on it, asking people donate their loose change. Attached a sign that informs people, “In honor of Valentine’s Day, employees are collecting money to donate to certain charity.” Good ones on Valentine’s Day include Battered Women’s Shelters, the SPCA, and Habitat for Humanity. If you inform your employer of the fundraising in advance, sometimes they will match the employees’ donations.
  2. Flowers: Buy a couple dozen inexpensive white flowers a few days before Valentine’s Day to group in small bunches around the office. Daisies or carnations are affordable and cheerful options. Place around the reception areas, bathrooms, kitchen and your desk. They don’t need to be elaborate; tight, small clusters are very elegant.
  3. Candy: Get a mixture of classic Valentine’s candy – Hershey Kisses, Dove Bites, etc. – and drop in strategic places all over the office on Valentine’s Day.
  4. Decor: An inspirational, but not cheesy, poster about an admirable virtue is a unique way to view the holiday. Think of themes like love, respect, kindness, or generosity when choosing a poster. Hang it in the break room where all the employees will casually see it and hopefully meditate on it. It isn’t about shoving a Hallmark holiday down their throats but rather encouraging them to consciously think about affection in all its various forms.

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