Workplace Tips for New Managers

Corporate Business Solutions is often called upon to help small to medium-size businesses access the path to success. We can help with all aspects of business, including staffing, cost control systems and accounting.

Many times we help overhaul internal functions, including staffing and promotions.  If you’ve recently been promoted to a new managerial role, we have tips that may help you be proactive in your new position:

  1. Respect longstanding employees. Workers who aren’t necessarily older but who have been in a job for nearly 10 years might not take too kindly to a new boss who makes unreasonable demands, particularly if the employees feel they were unfairly passed over for the promotion this manager received.
  2. Spearhead a group outing. By organizing a happy hour or bowling night, managers can halt tensions before they progress. Bonding experiences build trust.
  3. Establish credibility. Simply landing a job is only the first step in proving your managerial proficiency. Now you need establish yourself as a trustworthy person by keeping promises.
  4. Be confident in your team’s abilities. Every team needs guidance, but an overabundance of it can prove detrimental. Young managers should trust their employees’ abilities to successfully complete their assigned tasks.
  5. Respect diversity. Appreciating or even celebrating differences (whether they’re age, gender-related or racial) within your underling pool is a great way to foster a sense of togetherness in the workplace. It is great to indicate to direct reports that you value the strength of a multigenerational, multicultural team and their ideas.
  6. Network as much and as often as possible. Acquainting yourself with a platter of conferences, meet-and-greets, seminars, and workshops is a great way to gain visibility for both you and your organization. Also introduce yourself to key people in other departments.
  7. Be an open communicator. It’s pretty tough to lead a team behind closed doors. Sound interpersonal skills can be indispensable to managers, whether they are just beginning their careers or have been in their roles for years.

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