Construction Company Management Tips

Corporate Business Solutions is a leading business consulting firm that works with businesses that have a minimum of 10 employees and $1 million in revenue. We work directly with business leaders in many different industries, including the construction industry.

If you’re an owner or manager of a construction business, we have tips that may help you be more successful:

  1. Hire good salespeople.   Your sales personnel are the face of your business.  It is worth it to spend extra time with every member of your sales team, ensuring they know every aspect of your business and can present the business in the best fashion possible.
  2. Train your sales staff on prospecting.  In business-to-business sales, the telephone should be your sales staff’s best friend. Many salespeople have a fear of the phone, rejection and those in authority. You will have more than enough prospects to turn into sales if you teach your salespeople how to find prospects in their everyday activities.
  3. Teach all staff member’s great customer service skills.  More than one sale has been landed by a personable and well-trained receptionist after the official salesman had failed to close the deal. A sale starts when anyone enters your establishment.
  4. Market your company aggressively.  Stand out from your competitors. Sponsor seminars with your local chamber of commerce, write articles, speak to the local service club, redesign your website, sponsor golf outings and frequently stay in contact with prospects and customers.
  5. Increase your cash flow.  Teach your sales and estimating staff that not all sales are good sales. Unprofitable projects and jobs steal much needed time and money and could be avoided if your staff analyzed jobs more thoroughly before taking them.
  6. Control overhead.  Identify what can be reduced and what can be eliminated to improve cash flow. Scrutinize every expense including additional offices, gas cards, trucks, travel expenses, cell phones, service contracts, insurance policies, etc., and cut unnecessary costs.
  7. Improve job costing. For certain contracts—especially government contracts—cash flow can be accelerated by instituting more accurate and consistent job costing, resulting in larger immediate billings. If overhead is a billable expense, have someone accurately quantify and document the expenses that qualify as reimbursable according to the contract. The business owner cannot be the master of everything—know when to get help.

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