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Improving Productivity in the Small Business Workplace

The business professionals at Corporate Business Solutions help business leaders improve productivity in their workplace. Our experts recognize that productivity is a huge factor for business growth and expansion. In fact, between employee attrition and lost productivity, companies lose $350 billion every year. Facing that kind of loss, it’s no surprise that all-size companies look for ways to mitigate employee flight and increase worker efficiency.

Many business owners trust us to be their partners in improving productivity. Our business consultants solve the most intricate and unique challenges you are experiencing in the evolving marketplace.  While there are best practices that are applicable to all organizations, we understand that no two businesses are identical.

If you are a business owner or leader concerned on productivity, here is some data you may be interested in:

  • Worker Reliability: Employee attrition is costly; only 50 percent of hourly workers stay on the job for one year or longer.
  • Telecommuting Employees: Work-at-home employees stay at on the job 20 percent longer than employees with the shortest amount of time at a job. However, those work-at-home employees produce 1.6 percent less than their office-bound colleagues.
  • Rule Breakers: Do you prefer to hire employees who toe the line? The data says that employees who identify as rule-followers actually break the rules 67 percent more often than those who don’t make that claim.
  • Better Browsers: Workers who use Chrome or Firefox—instead of Internet Explorer—stay at their jobs longer, miss 15 percent fewer work days, and deliver higher customer satisfaction.
  • Social Employees Do It Better: Job performance is higher among employees who use three to four social networks compared to those who are less involved with social networks.

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