Pros and Cons of Launching a New Business During the Holiday Season

The consultants at Corporate Business Solutions  help small to medium – size businesses which have a minimum of 10 employees and $1 million in revenue. We also have the expertise to help entrepreneurs launch small businesses. Starting a business is a huge commitment that can reap many long-term rewards. If you’re looking to become a business owner, we can help put you on the path to success.

As the holiday season approaches, the timing of launching a new business is sure to be a trending subject.  If you’re considering starting a new business before the end of the year, we have information that you may find beneficial:

  1. There may be a few advantages to starting a business at the end of the year, specifically between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  These include:
  • Most shoppers are in a buying mood. If you plan to sell products this could work to your advantage, especially if you plan on starting a business that involves selling gift items.
  • You may be able to reap some tax advantages by starting a business before the end of the year, specifically by capturing some deductions, including, but not limited to office-in-home tax deductions.
  • Because stores are very competitive and offer extended sales during the holidays, you might be able to find some good deals on the supplies and equipment you need for starting a business, so you might conceivably get a bit of a break on your startup costs.
  1. On the contrary, there are reasons why you might not want to start your own business just yet, including:
  • Starting a business isn’t something you should do on a whim. It takes proper planning, including developing at least an informal business plan. No matter when you decide to actually start your business, you need to make sure you’ve thought it out carefully – especially if this is going to be a full-time business for you.
  • If you’re planning on selling products, especially gift items, it’s likely that this will be the busiest time of year for your business – next year! Trying to get any kind of business marketing and sales strategy in place and get some buzz going for your business takes time and is not something you can likely accomplish in a month.
  • While we all like to think of the holiday season as a joyous time, it’s not always so joyous and happy for everyone. Starting a new business during the holiday season can add stress to you, your spouse and your kids.  To keep your holiday season bright, you may want to start your new business next year.

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