At Corporate Business Solutions, we deliver amazing outcomes for clients based on professionally set expectations.  In order to surpass expectations, we solve the complex and unique business challenges our clients are experiencing in the multifaceted business world.  While there are some best practices that are applicable to all businesses, we know that no two businesses are alike.

We offer custom solutions, developed onsite, for small to medium-size businesses.  The team at CBS is committed to bringing the change that your business needs to have sustainable growth and profits.  This often means building relationships with customers, adding technological avenues and getting products quickly to market. We are also renowned for our ability to strategically increase employee productivity in the workplace to improve the bottom line.

Our Services

Business Analysis and Consulting

We analyze the business strategy, business architecture and business systems currently in place that affect the current enterprise at every level. By doing this, we gain in-depth knowledge of where you are and where you want to be.

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Strategic Tax Planning

Strategic tax planning is the process of structuring business and personal transactions so taxes are either reduced to their lowest possible level, or eliminated altogether. Our tax planning services focus on multiple areas, including asset protection, entity structuring, federal tax savings, state tax considerations, employee retention, healthcare planning, educational planning, succession planning, and estate planning, as well as advanced long-term planning strategies.
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Business Valuations

Business valuation is a critical strategy that business owners use to assess the essential or intrinsic value of a business, or the personal interest in that business. Valuation services are crucial in planning tax strategies for estate, succession and retirement objectives. We provide valuations of small to medium-size businesses for many purposes, including gift and estate taxation and planning, marital dissolution, succession planning, recapitalization, shareholder litigation, and mergers and acquisitions.
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Exit Strategy Planning

We use exit strategy planning as a comprehensive approach to wealth management.  We provide a vast array of independent, non-proprietary product solutions tailored to the investment challenges presented by your unique estate, retirement and succession planning objectives and circumstances.

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