What to Include in an Employee Handbook

The employee handbook is the booklet that most employers have available at the office and issued to new employees. It is a well-known feature at big corporations. Corporate Business Solutions strongly recommends small businesses to issue one too. The employee handbook is basically a document that lists all of the rules and regulations that employees of a company should adhere by. It is a very important document that can come in handy during potential future legal issues. Here is a list of things small business owners must include in the company employee handbook:

Anti-Discrimination Policy: This is a very important section of the employee handbook that indicates how employees should behave. Also, it details how your company plans to adhere to federal and state anti-discrimination policies, such as the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Code of Conduct: These are the rules employees should follow in certain given circumstances. It includes information such as dress code and ethical behavior.

Non-Disclosure Agreements: Though not legally required, it’s recommended to include an NDA to protect your company’s intellectual property rights, among other things.

Work Schedules: Lists the amount of time a worker should expect to dedicate at your company. It also provides information on absences and vacation policies.

Compensation: This section details how your employees should expect to get paid and your company’s payroll policy.

Employee Security: Employers are legally and morally required to create a safe and secure environment for work. Use the employee handbook to tell your employees how you plan on achieving a safe and secure workplace.

IT or Cyber Policy: This is a very important section for all modern employee handbooks. The company cyber or IT policy should indicate how employees should use computers or handheld devices at work, acceptable online behavior, and also how employees can stay safe from hackers and malware when using internet-connected devices.

We also recommend including chapters explaining employee benefits, leave policies and any other topics deemed relevant for employee knowledge. If you require assistance in drafting an excellent employee handbook, contact us at CBS Corporate Business Solutions. One of our consultants will be ready to assist your business.

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