Employment & Labor Laws in Small Business

Corporate Business Solutions  is recognized for using expertise, experience and education to access the information that is often necessary for growth in small and medium – size businesses.  Many business owners struggle with employment and labor laws.  However, understanding these laws is necessary for success.

Hiring your first employee or building your business team brings with it a whole new area for compliance – employment and labor law. These laws cover everything from preventing discrimination and harassment in the workplace, workplace poster requirements, wage and hour laws and workers’ compensation regulations.

The U.S. Department of Labor oversees federal employment and labor law; however, individual states also have their own specific laws. We can help you understand and comply with these laws.  The SBA is also a great resource for business owners.  In addition, an online tool from the Department of Labor, the “FirstStep Employment Law Advisor” – can help you determine which laws apply to you and how to comply.

The FirstStep Employment Law Advisor helps employers determine which major Federal employment laws administered by the U.S. Department of Labor apply to their business or organization, what recordkeeping and reporting requirements they must comply with, and which posters they need to post. The Advisor can help all employers, including non-profit organizations, private sector businesses and government agencies.

If employers already know which Federal employment laws apply to them, the Advisor can quickly provide basic information about how to comply with these laws, including the requirements for recordkeeping, reporting, and posters and other notices.  This information can also be printed off as a reference guide.

Please note that the FirstStep Employment Law Advisor is intended as a guide on major Department of Labor laws – it does not cover all laws administered by Department of Labor. In addition, the system will not identify laws administered by other Federal agencies that might be applicable to your business or organization.

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