Tips for Starting With a New Company

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Many business professionals are looking to find new positions in the New Year. If you’re starting with a new company soon, we have tips to help you thrive from the very beginning:

  1. Introduce yourself – Make the initiative to meet people at your new office. Say hello to new colleagues in the elevator, kitchen and bathroom. It’s often easiest to begin making friends with the employees that work directly with you as it will be in their best interest to get you started on the right foot, since your work will directly affect theirs.
  2. Establish expectations with your boss and / or employees – Initiate a meeting with your boss. Then, use that initial meeting to set in writing what they believe success will look like in the first week, month and three months. Also, if you’re in a managerial position, start setting expectations with your direct reports. The first week in a new role sets the tone for the nearly everything!
  3. Become an organizational pro – You probably expect a lot of new information to come your way, so creating good habits and getting organized from the start will make your transition easier. A new job is also a good time to improve any old bad habits. Realize challenges from the past and plan to combat those accordingly.
  4. Reinforce your new connections on social media – Once you’re officially on the job, it’s important to update your title across your own social media platforms and also start following your new company and colleagues. As you meet new people, reinforce the relationships by finding them on LinkedIn or twitter. If fitting, send a friendly introductory message to remind them of your initial introduction.

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