Tips for Business Lunch Etiquette

Corporate Business Solutions  was formed by a group of business professionals who have been involved in building some of the fastest growing analytical, management consulting and strategic tax planning companies in business today. We now offer the highest quality consulting services available in the marketplace. We work with small to medium – size businesses in a variety of industries, including contractors, small manufacturers, wholesale companies and job shops.

We know that many business owners find it necessary to hold business meetings over lunch.  If you have a business lunch coming up, we have simple tips that may help you achieve success:

  1. Don’t make the attendees drive across town to meet you.  Be sure to keep it close to their office.
  2. Confirm the lunch a day or two in advance to be sure there was no miscommunication regarding time, date or location.
  3. Don’t dig into business immediately. Waiting until after you’ve ordered lunch will prevent you from getting interrupted in mid-thought. Until then, make small talk.
  4. Before ordering, consider how you will look eating it.  During a business meal, it may be smart to avoid foods that are complicated to eat, like pasta with sauce, anything barbeque, oversized sandwiches or lobster in the shell.
  5. When possible, put your cell phone away.  Place it on silent so sounds and / or vibrations are not affecting the lunch hour.
  6. Avoid gesturing with your utensils. You may very well be involved in an animated discussion — that’s certainly not a bad thing. But don’t get carried away and start waving a fork or knife in the air.
  7. Paying with credit cards looks more professional than paying with cash.  You also have a record of your business expense both for your business expense accounting and for the IRS.

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